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Promoting The Family Factor

Do you think family businesses make sufficient use of their heritage and history in the way they promote themselves?

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Howard Hackney - YES

On reflection I have to say that there is much more emphasis given to family firms on promoting themselves as such, possibly aided by the recent and c...

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Penny Webb - NO

I feel more can be done to leverage the heritage of most family firms, articulating struggles and successes and thus providing inspiration for other f...

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- NO

No. The majority of family enterprises are not leveraging the history effectively either internally, or externally. With the increasing number of fami...

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Nigel Wallis - YES

Yes. People tend to buy from those they know, like and trust and look around for affirmation that their choice is a good one. This is the reason why ...

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Every family’s heritage and history will inform what they do now, whether consciously or not.  Of course, whether that heritage and history...

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Lucy Armstrong - NO

All too often family businesses dwell on past glories rather than their real triumph of constant innovation, reinvention and adaptation.  The on...

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Alexandra Sharpe - NO

Historically, the public perception of family businesses has been mixed; on the one hand, they have been seen as integrally trustworthy and reliable, ...

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Wayne Rivers - NO

No. Of the four basic business functions, Marketing and Promotion are almost always weak, atrophied competencies in family firms. Creating visibility,...

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Andre Diederichs - NO

The average lifespan of businesses in the world is 25 years. I do not think that family businesses,  that have been around for a number of genera...

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Barbara Hauser - NO

Not as often as they could! It is so special to know that a family is working together to run a business and to give dedicated service.  That's a...

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Andrew Drake - YES

Judging by what appears on their websites, I think the majority probably do. However, there are some family businesses with an interesting history wh...

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