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Values In The Family Business

Do you think family businesses make sure their values are aligned with their business practices?

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The more enlightened family businesses strive to ensure that this is the case.  Identifying and articulating the family’s values becomes p...

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Steven Moyer - NO

A key phrase in this question is “make sure” of the alignment. That phrase “make sure” should be focused on business practices...

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Alexandra Sharpe - NO

The business practices of a family business should flow from the vision and values of the owning family as only with this alignment, will the result b...

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Penny Webb - NO

This doesn’t happen nearly enough particularly as family firms grow and their shareholder base expands. Many families do take time to consider ...

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Ian Marsh - NO

No, because I think the question is actually the wrong around.  We all have values, though many of us struggle when asked to articulate what they...

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Martin Stepek - UNDECIDED

I’d have put the question the other way round: Do you think family businesses make sure their business practices are aligned with their values. ...

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Wayne Rivers - NO

Part of this answer has to do with values and how they are adhered to going forward. For founding generations, they are virtually perfect at living th...

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Andre Diederichs - YES

I teach my family business clients to use values as a yardstick for decisions and for proper conduct BUT  I am not convinced that this is common ...

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Andrew Drake - UNDECIDED

The question assumes that the family business knows what its values are! In some cases little thought may have been given to this, particularly if th...

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Simon Bloom - NO

I don’t think they are aligned, but I also think that if you give most people a list of values, such as; do you believe in truth, transparency, ...

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