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Ruaridh Hesketh

Position: General Manager

Company: Galloway Lodge Preserves

Sector: Professional Services


Business Address: Galloway Lodge Preserves, Gatehouse of Fleet, DG7 2JJ


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Company Description

Ruaridh Hesketh on life in a third generation family business making high quality preserves and chutneys.  

Question & Answers with Ruaridh Hesketh

What Does Your Family Business Do?

We make high quality preserves, chutneys, mustards, jellies and marmalades.  In addition to this we run a shop and coffee shop and 2 Forestry Commission Visitor Centres.  Established in 1971 by Nigel Hesketh, Galloway Lodge Preserves has grown into one of the most popular and successful producers of high quality marmalade, jams, chutney, jelly and mustard in Scotland.  


Now run by Fiona Hesketh with help from me, my brother Sholto and a team of very able staff (Mango & Chilli the cats and Lola the spaniel are not much use though) we are a true family business that is obsessed with the quality of our product and ensuring that each jar  produced is as good as the last.  

How Did You Get Involved?

We were always involved from a young age going to trade fairs and helping out in the shop and on deliveries.  When I finished school and before going to University I did sales and expanded our range with new products.

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

A dachshund breeder…or F1 racing driver – a time honored combination!

What Are Your First Memories Of The Family Business?

Folding cardboard trays, being sent up trees to collect rowans and the smell of boiling vinegar.

What Values Are Important In Your Family/Family Business?

We have always tried to give our customers an honest product and deal with our customers as we would like to be dealt with.

What Is The Best Thing About Being A Family Business?

Every day is different and you get to do a bit of everything.

And The Worst?

Having to do a bit of everything even when you don’t feel like it!

What Is The Best Thing About Your Working Day?

Invoicing…and probably my first cup of coffee!

What Is Your Proudest Family Business Achievement?

Having a product that people love and come back for.

Is There A Next Generation Waiting In The Wings To Take Over?

India is 14 months old but is already being trained as a waitress by all the girls in the coffee shop!

What Do You See As The Biggest Challenge Facing Family Businesses?  

Growth versus cashflow whilst remaining competitive with new products.

Words Of Wisdom – What Piece Of Advice Would You Pass On To Someone Thinking About Joining The Family Business? 

Chances are that the family business will be there in a few years so don’t be afraid to go out and do some living first, there is no thing as too much experience when joining the business.


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