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Inspire A Generation Is Not Enough To Help The Next Generation Succeed

31st August 2012 Paul Andrews

Plumbing entrepreneur Charlie Mullins says apprenticeships need to be made a greater priority by government and employers

Plumbing entrepreneur and family business owner, Charlie Mullins says apprenticeships need to be made a greater priority by government and employers if the country is to solve the youth unemployment crisis.
Figures published recently confirmed that there are still around one million Brits aged 24 and under out of work or not in training or education and Charlie, who founded Pimlico Plumbers after completing an apprenticeship, believes that employers should be given more control over training to develop the right workforce for the country’s future needs.
Charlie said: “If the Olympic motto was ‘inspire a generation’, the motto of the unemployment figures published today has to be ‘invest in a generation.’ We all know what happened to Australia’s gold medal haul after they stopped investing in sport – the same will be true for our apprentices."
“Unemployment may be bad now, but it’ll get a whole lot worse if we don’t have the skilled people to fill the jobs that’ll be available. If businesses can’t create permanent positions for the unemployed how the hell are they supposed to fund the training of apprentices?"
“For some time I have been calling for government to turn Job Seeker’s Allowance into a Job Achiever’s Allowance, which is given to employers to part fund training and wages of apprentices. Its common sense, but sometimes common sense is ignored, or more like, just ain’t that common!"
“For too long employers like me have been saying that if we’re going to create the right workforce for our businesses we need greater involvement in their training."
“Diverting cash direct to employers that will take kids out of the dole queue and straight into structured training programme with employed-status and the prospects for a long-term career will send a shockwave through the unemployment figures and make the future of this country, its people and its economy feel a lot more secure.”
Having left school and been taken on as an apprentice, Charlie is passionate about the benefits that properly run apprenticeship schemes can have on the next generation, not just within family businesses as a whole.  A cause that he is more than happy to shout about...


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