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Family Firms To Boost Scottish Economy

23rd April 2018 Paul Andrews

The national economic benefit of an investment plan by two leading Scottish businesses has been launched today. New figures reveal dairy proposal would be worth £65.3m and support 1,425 full time jobs.

Graham’s the Family Dairy and Mactaggart & Mickel’s proposal will generate an additional 825 new, full time jobs, equivalent to an annual GVA injection of £37.8m to the Scottish economy.  This builds on the existing economic importance of the dairy business, and will result in a total contribution of £65.3m GVA and 1,425 jobs to the Scottish economy once operational.

These are the findings of a new Economic Impact Assessment, commissioned to update earlier studies given the challenges presented by Brexit; the potential created by the Stirling & Clackmannanshire City Deal; and the opportunity for inclusive growth set out in the Scottish Government’s Economic Strategy.

The two family businesses are working together to deliver a 600 new home development to Stirlingshire, which addresses the huge housing shortfall and affordability issues in the area, and facilitates the largest single investment in the Scottish dairy industry for 30 years. This takes the form of a £30m national dairy processing, research and development and training centre at Craigforth in the city. A decision on the planning application is awaited from the Scottish Government.

The new assessment shows the project will: 

  • deliver 550 new onsite jobs at the dairy, including 50 apprenticeships, in addition to the existing workforce of 400 in Stirling 
  • support an estimated further 475 wider offsite jobs once fully operational
  • deliver an additional annual injection of £37.8m GVA to the economy as a result of the investment
  • value Graham’s the Family Dairy’s contribution to the Scottish economy at £65.3m per annum
  • provide £1.45m per annum additional Council Tax due to the residential aspects of the development.

Robert Graham, MD at Graham’s the Family Dairy, said,  “This new assessment shows beyond doubt the transformational impact our project could have, and the regional and national economic benefit it will deliver for Scotland. It comes at a critical time for both the Scottish economy and for Stirling, where the significant housing shortfall impacts on communities’ access to affordable, sustainable homes."

“Our project has at its heart investment in people, affordable homes, jobs, training and infrastructure to strengthen the Scottish economy.  It would be a pipeline for developing exciting new products, delivering skills development and growing Scotland’s exports – all of which are central to building a resilient post-Brexit economy. It will also help reverse trends, such as 90% of butter bought in Scotland being imported.  There is enormous potential for innovation in the dairy sector, alongside worldwide demand for Scottish produce."

“Our business has the energy, commitment and strength of brand to deliver this step change investment, which represents the largest single investment in the dairy sector in more than 30 years.   As the assessment shows, it will secure 825 new jobs in Scotland and deliver a GVA of £65.3m, playing a significant part in mobilising Scotland’s wider prosperity.” 

Andrew Mickel, Mactaggart and Mickel Group Director added, “This exciting development could have an enormous impact on the economy, both nationally and at a local level, and supports Scotland’s renewed economic vision.  The assessment report highlights compelling employment figures, not to mention the additional 88 full time jobs that would be created during the construction phase, where we would provide local jobs for local people and deliver a real boost to the economy."

“But this project has a far greater impact than simply creating new jobs.  We propose to build a brand new community - with 600 new homes, including much needed affordable homes, a new primary school, a neighbourhood centre and a wealth of fantastic amenities.  The Airthrey Green development would act as a catalyst to attract new residents and supercharge the chance to drive new business and employment – welcome news indeed for Stirling and the country.”

Graham’s has continued to drive growth over the last four years, now employing 660 staff and recording a turnover of more than £100m. The dairy business supports 108 farming partners, a 20% increase from 2014, giving the country’s homegrown dairy industry a competitive advantage



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