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Best Sales Year At Transtherm

11th January 2017 Jonny Williamson, The Manufacturer

HVAC system manufacturer, Transtherm Cooling Industries is having one of its most successful trading years to date thanks to winning new business, and is predicting a turnover increase of 10%.

Based at Banner Park in Coventry, the family-run Transtherm Cooling Industries has reportedly been able to achieve such expansion because of improvement in its economies of scale – reducing costs, while maintaining quality – enabling it to compete with even the most aggressive pricing from foreign competition.

Its growth is expected to continue, thanks in part to the current domestic and international political drive. With the news of Brexit hitting many UK manufacturing companies hard, Transtherm has still seen a steady stream of business since the referendum. Following the result, the company saw an immediate increase in sales for its adiabatic coolers, pump sets and heat exchange solutions being shipped and delivered to Ireland, Germany and Holland.

The 35-person business has also increased its product flexibility and technical offerings to place itself ahead of competitors, in terms of energy efficiency, green credentials and system integration particularly with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Transtherm’s products are embedded with technology which allows them to communicate with other equipment wherever they are fitted, delivering sustainability, cost-efficiencies and logistical benefits – particularly to big buildings.

The company’s Tim Bound explained: “We have recently recruited excellent new talent into the sales and manufacturing team which has made it possible for us to sell and manufacture more equipment than ever before. We are set to continue our recruitment drive in all areas of the business, including fresh graduate and apprentice skills."

“Due to changes in government legislation we are seeing that Brexit has provided us with a great opportunity for export – with a currency exchange rates changing there has never been a better time for foreign companies to buy British."

2017 sees the further changes to the HVAC manufacturing sector seeing the market towards water cooled, rather than refrigerant, systems and even more energy efficient compressorless cooling systems. Transtherm are well positioned to cater for these advances with a full range of equipment already lined up to satisfy customer requirements.

This article was first published online at The Manufactuere and has been republished with their permission.  Find out more here
Image courtesy of Transtherm.


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