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Five Tips for Setting Up A Family Office

The skills needed to manage family wealth are very different from the entrepreneurial skills needed to generate wealth in the first place. Here are so... Full Article

Baby Boomers Risking Inheritance?

Research carried out by Safestore has revealed that 31% of people aged 55 and over do not have a will and as a result, may be risking inheritance for ... Full Article


Skill-based volunteerism is making a positive impact on society so we spoke to Emma Turner to find out more about it. Full Article

The Meaning Of Wealth In The 21st Century

What matters most to high net worth families is giving their wealth a purpose. Full Article

Family Office

The family office is a growing area of interest and something that is also relevant to the family business sector too.  Here you will find an array of articles on topics from philanthropy to wealth management, legal matters, investment and a whole lot more too.

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Should We Have A Family Office?

A family is likely to consider a number of alternatives before finally... Full Article

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Death And Taxes - Unavoidable Certainties

It’s understandable that few of us want to talk about death but our haste to avoid awkward conversations around death and inheritance may get in the way of good financial planning.  Read More

Insuring A Classic Car

With interest rates still low and proving bad news for many savers, some people are now looking for alternative investment options. A classic car might be one option to consider. Read More

The Challenge Of Shareholder Liquidity

There are several ways to provide liquidity to shareholders of privately held family businesses without giving up control of the family business and its legacy. Sean O'Down explains more. Read More

Family Foundations Tackle Rising Need

Family foundations are diverting resources to help tackle increasing societal need, caused by spending cuts and the effects of the recession... Read More

The Grapes Of Wealth

Investing in wine doesn’t need to be beyond anyone’s reach if they follow the right strategy  and, over the years, build up a portfolio that – when managed by experts – can deliver over the long term.   Read More

Classic Cars – THE Best Collectible Asset?

Taking a look at the classic car sector as a collectible asset type and why they have become such desirable items for collectors. Read More