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A Values-Based Approach To Cultivating Shareholder Value

3rd May 2017 Greg McCann & Nancy Barber

An holistic version of 'shareholder value' creates a different culture and 'value' for the owners.

Executive Summary
Experts agree that we live in a time of exponential change. How can enterprising families adapt to the ever-increasing rates of change and the related stress? In order to utilize family enterprises’ core characteristics to a competitive advantage, owning families need to clarify their values as a way to proactively manage change (as opposed to reacting to or just resisting change). A more cohesive family can then translate their family values into business values that can be operationalized, including measurement, reward, and management accountability. This holistic version of “shareholder value,” which is more mindful of both shareholders and stakeholders, creates a different culture, but more effectively creates “value” for the owners