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Bringing the family business community together


17th October 2016

Family Business United ('FBU') works tirelessly to promote the family business sector, to provide a voice and to ensure that the sector is fairly represented.

Family businesses are the lifeblood of countries the world over, contributing in many cases in excess of 65% of all private businesses.  Not only that, but the contribution made by family firms in terms of employment, income, tax revenues and community involvement is significant too.  All too often family firms are dismissed for being small, lifestyle businesses that fail to span the generations and do not make much of a contribution.

One of the reasons for the creation of FBU was to work to dispel these myths, to reflect on the contribution that family firms of all sizes and sectors make to the global economy and to give them a voice.

We provide a voice for family firms in many ways:

  • Sharing their stories and promotion of the sector
  • Undertaking research projects into the oldest family firms aroudn the world and sharing the findings on our platforms and through the media
  • Regularly contributing to media pieces on family businesses
  • Undertaking an annual family business survey across the UK
  • Undertaking an annual family business survey in Scotland
  • Creating and championing days such as American Family Business Day, International Family Business Day, National Family Business Day etc
  • Promoting the findings from research undertaken by other professional advisory firms and academic institutions in support of the sector
  • Interviewing influencers and creating noise around the topic
  • The Family Business Road Trip (includes media engagement throughout)

One of the ways to keep abreast of the latest research is here and we also share the the family business perspectives too.

If you have some research that you would like to share, please send a pdf of the report, press release and anything to support the project to 




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