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Trust In Family Businesses

Trust is a fundamental basis for both cooperation and competitive advantage in family businesses Full Article

Sustainability And The Family Business. Does It Really Matter?

Sustainability is an age-old problem for businesses of all shapes and sizes but what about family businesses? Full Article

Daughters In Family Businesses

Historically daughters were not considered for succession into ma­n­a­­gerial positions in family businesses. Full Article

Validate The Values When Considering Succession

Trust, communication and identity are values that need to be considered when selecting a successor. Full Article

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What They See Is What You Get!

Social intelligence, a slippery concept that is nevertheless crucial t... Full Article

Key Challenges

A Values-Based Approach To Cultivating Shareholder Value

An holistic version of 'shareholder value' creates a different culture... Full Article

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Adapting To An Ageing Workforce

The UK population is ageing and the ratio of workers to retirees is falling.  Family businesses need to plan for the future and adapt accordingly. Read More

What Is A Family Business Consultant?

The specialty family business consultants can bring is the ability to deal with the psychological, emotional and interpersonal relationship issues that are unique to family businesses. Read More

In The Dark About GDPR?

Hundreds of thousands of UK businesses in the dark about GDPR as research finds almost a third have never even heard of it!  Is your family business GDPR aware? Read More

Family Firms Need To Heed Technology Research

Security and skills are the top concerns for family firms investing in new technologies according to latest report from CBI. Read More

Family Businesses Unfazed By Brexit

From a survey of 100 family business owners, research has revealed that more than three quarters (82%) are optimistic that the UK is strong enough to be independent in the future Read More

Smiling Is An Entrepreneurs Best Friend

A smile and positive body language can increase the chances of entrepreneurial success. Read More