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Celebrating the significant contribution of family firms globally -
We are THE family business champions

Family businesses are the main contributors to national economies the world over through the jobs they provide, income they generate and the wealth they create, not forgetting the impact they have on the broader communities in which they operate too.


Family businesses intrinsically do, or want to do the right thing, acting as agents of change and taking responsibility for their actions. They care and with a shared purpose take long-term decisions and act as stewards for next generations. They want to do the right thing, creating sustainable businesses and recognise the urgency associated with the need to care for the world in which they live too.  They take their responsibilities seriously.  They have a story to tell, a passion and pride in what they do and continue to invest in their businesses, their people and their communities.


Family Business United has the family business community at our core.  We are recognised globally as champions of family firms and seek to celebrate the contribution they make, ensure they obtain recognition for what they do on a daily basis and, to provide the necessary support and resources to enable them to continue to flourish for generations to come.

Core Areas of Activity

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Advert for Sustainabler, supporting family firms on their sustainability journey

About Us

Family Business United (‘FBU’) is an unparalleled rallying point and voice for the global family business community and an invaluable source of insight into the sector. 


FBU is a resource for all, family businesses of all sizes and sectors, and their advisers, helping to raise the profile of the family business sector and to encourage greater awareness of the contribution that family firms make to the global economy through employment, income generation, wealth creation and charitable endeavours.

At FBU, everything we do is about the family business, creating the best resource available to help families in business get access to the resources and support they need to continue their family business journey, wherever it will take them.

Key Family Business Challenges