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Family Biz Chat - Generational Transition

Date: 7th April 2017 Price: £0

Join our next interactive family business discussion on twitter when the topic is succession and generational transition.

Our next #FamilyBizChat will be on the topic of succession and generational transition with views, insights and thought leadership on the topic from members of our innovative family business community.

Friday 7 April - 2pm

Our #FamilyBizChat series is aimed at the entire family business sector, from the small to the large irrespective of sector, geographical location or generation involved.  Family firms often feel that they are alone with manyfamily business owners telling us that they feel isolated with nobody to talk to, wrongly assuming that nobody has dealt with the challenges that they are facing.  

We want to provide a forum to share ideas and help families deal with their day-to-day issues and concerns and are tackling the engagemant, roles, retention and motivation of non-family executives in the next chat.

We would love you to join the debate and share your views, insights and experiences.  Please follow @FamilyBizPaul on twitter who will be leading this debate and use the hashtag #FamilyBizChat with your tweets on the day to join the conversation.

Join us from 2-3pm on Friday 7 April for an engaging family business discussion.

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