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Bringing the family business community together

The Family Business Pledge

10th August 2017 Paul Andrews

The Family Business Pledge™ aims to rally the family business community to advance the recognition of the contribution that family firms make to the global economy.

It outlines a specific set of actions that the organisations signing up to the 'pledge' recognise will help to engender greater appreciation of the family business sector, provide broader recognition for the sector and help to further advance the field of family business.

This is the latest campaign from Family Business United, the award-winning resource centre for the family business sector that champions the family business sector and the contribution made by family firms globally.  As Paul Andrews, founder of Family Business United explains, "We wanted to create a campaign for all families in business and the organisations that work to support them to collectively sign up to and help to give the sector a global voice.  As such, the campaign is free for all and provides resources to help promote the pledge and the family business sector collectively."

Family firms make significant contributions to national economies around the world in terms of employment, revenues and taxes, not to mention the unquantifiable good that they make to the communities in which they operate.  This campaign seeks to help empower all family firms to be part of a collective voice, proud of their roots and all that they do on a daily basis.

Simply put, family businesses are an unquestionable force for good.

Organisations are asked to sign up by adding their name to the pledge and therefore agreeing to:

  • Promote family business in general
  • Celebrate family business ownership
  • Promote the fact that they are a family owned business
  • Recognise the contribution of family firms
  • Share news and success stories
  • Promote best practice
  • Help to create awareness and generate recognition for family firms.

As Paul continues, "We want to celebrate the family business as a model and and exemplar, to draw attention to the family firms around the world that do amazing things on a daily basis and to help to dispel the myths that pervade the sector.  Family firms are a positive force for good and we want to ensure that it is recognised."

"We want family firms to come together to raise the voice, support the sector and help to demonstrate that there is immense pride, passion and belief in what they do and to help us in our mission to celebrate the family business."

Family firms that sign up are encouraged to share their involvement on social media using the hashtag #FamilyBusinessPledge and once signed up they will also receive a badge and banner for use on their own websites and collateral.  They are also encouraged to submit their news to the online magazine using the address to add their news to the global voice.

We can make a difference and we can create more awareness of the great things that family businesses do.

To sign up to the pledge for free simply complete the contact us form with the required fields here and we can do the rest.  Once you have signed up we will add you to the list of those pledged, send you the press release and associated collateral for you to use and connect on social media too.











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