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Sheppys - Real Cider Takes Time!

13th September 2017 Paul Andrews

Sheppy's is premium cider crafted by one of the oldest and most distinguished cider making families in the world.

Real cider - made using six generations of knowledge by the Master of Cider himself, David Sheppy. Sheppy's have just taken the wraps off their new look portfolio of world class ciders, including a cloudy addition.

Crafting the future

Sheppy's range of seven premium ciders now all come with a new identity - one which symbolises Sheppy's rich 200-year heritage and reputation. They are all are aimed at discerning drinkers who understand what constitutes a quality cider. They now bear David's signature too, adding a rare, personal touch to every bottle.

Master of Cider

Sheppy's is a true artisan brand. At the helm is David Sheppy - the current incumbent in the centuries-old Sheppy dynasty of cider makers. David is the Master of Cider - from apple to bottle, his hands are behind every drop of cider that bears the Sheppy's name. His instinct and knowledge are key to all his ciders - with each one crafted and overseen by him. Nothing leaves the family farm in Somerset without his signature on it - it's his personal guarantee of quality and provenance.

Real Cider

The Sheppy's collection of ciders now includes the addition of Original Cloudy. That sits alongside Classic Draught, the multi award winning Vintage Reserve, 200 Special Edition, Dabinett Apple, Kingston Black and Cider with Raspberry. Available in 500ml bottles

Knowledge is key

Sheppy's is a family business founded in Somerset, in 1816. Two centuries later, David still champions the same methods to make his cider that were used generations ago - balanced with the very best of modern technology. 

Every drop is genuinely crafted using home grown apples and naturally occurring yeasts. There is no secret recipe. It's simply about the experience and craftsmanship that has come from 200 years of knowledge and cider making, passed down through six generations of Masters of Cider.

David said: "This new look is part of an exciting new chapter for Sheppy's - and we've had lots of those over the last two centuries! It was important that any change to the look of our bottles remained true to the values that we are renowned for - history, passion and knowledge. When we say we craft real premium cider, we mean it - and we wanted to convey that too. The result is a portfolio of seven real ciders with a look that remains firmly rooted in our heritage, yet created for today’s increasingly knowledgeable and discerning cider drinker."



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