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When Family Farming Partnerships Go Wrong

Debbie King explains why advisers need to take a more active role Full Article

Family Firms & Talent Search Struggle

Why do mid-market and family owned businesses struggle to find the talent they need? Full Article

Work With Family & Still Enjoy A Summer BBQ

Leading family business consultants, Family Business Solutions, look at the advantages and disadvantages of working with your family. Full Article

Pre-Nuptial Agreements & Family Business

Unlike death and taxes, divorce is not inevitable. But it is increasingly common. Prudent families in business, looking to the long term, will want to... Full Article


Dealing with people and relationships invovled in the management and ownership of the family business needs careful thought as emotions are involved and can affect the communication and decision-making processes.

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Employing Family Members

Employing family members should be no different to employing non-famil... Full Article

Key Challenges

Keep It In The Family By Planning For Succession

Succession is often not dealt with until it needs to be implemented...... Full Article

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Addiction & Family Business Employees

Family firms are not exempt and here we take a look at dispelling concerns business owners might have with employing someone who has been addicted to drugs and alcohol. Read More

Beware Of Retirement Planning Pitfalls

Retirement planning is a complex area so here are three key areas that need to be taken into account to avoid three common pitfalls in retirement planning. Read More

Benefits Of Employee Engagement

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Family Business Shareholders In Dispute

When it comes to family business shareholders in dispute, what is an unfair prejudice petition and what are the challenges.  Elizabeth Sainsbury from Farrer & Co explains more. Read More

Top Tips For Achieving Family Business Harmony

Brookman Solicitors conducted a relationship survey which revealed some of the key challenges faced by family businesses and identify 4 key ways to achieve working harmony.  Read More

Expect Nothing & Accept Everything

“Things I used to love doing, such as pitching and presenting had become a living nightmare.”  A personal story about mental health at work.   Read More